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Time to start facing my fears!

A huge thanks to Renner, who sent me all of this great reference info:

I had planned on wheeling the bike into the house so I could work in good lighting and comfort. That was until I measured the width of the bike and the width of the front door. It would fit, but it was going to be close. That coupled with the fact that there is still ice on my walkway and two large steps that I would have to push the bike up persuaded me to work in the garage instead. Too bad, because I already had the lastest Dakar update on and ready to watch in the background!

Instead, this ended up being my workspace for the evening.

I had to clean up my tool cart. Being a makeshift home for the engine over the last year had resulted in a lot of dirt, grease, and old bolts accumulating on it.

Then I put all the wiring and reference papers on it and got started.

New versus old switch cover:


I started trying to reassemble the terminal board and immediately dropped the assembly and lost the contact bushing as it shot across the garage floor. What a perfect start! I grabbed a beer and a flashlgiht and soon found it.

Terminal board mounted. I HATE this design. As much as I love the overall design of this bike, I can't believe they use bent mounting tabs to hold this in place. I find it idiotic, and honestly, I'm a bit embarrased by how long it took me to get this assembled again. It would go much quicker if I had to do it again now. I swear that's how this whole project has gone, and I could do another in a fraction of the time that it's taken me to work on this one!

Rest of the wiring harness back in the headlight bucket:

Starting to wire the harness to the frame.

I forgot to take a picture, but the starter relay is all done.

And this is where I left it for tonight.

The wiring doesn't seem like it will be as bad as I've been thinking. It's nowhere near done, but I'm cautiously optimistic now!
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