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Originally Posted by slartidbartfast View Post
That's bullshit! If you bring in the wheels, it takes ten or twenty minutes max to change a tire. If they do both in 30 or 40 minutes and charge you, say, $25 each for the service, that's not an outrageous fee for you and will make them the equivalent of $75 to $100 per hour for the work (slow worker if it takes 40 min). If they're so worried about the liability, they should quit installing tires altogether. In fact, perhaps they should quit doing brakes too - a lot of liability there if they screw it up. Better still, just stop working on bikes - If they never do anything, they can't do anything wrong, can they?

We had a similar thread a few weeks back and I was told the dealers have to pay more for the tires than we can buy them on-line for (sounds fucking stupid to me - they should just buy them from the same place we do - especially independent shops) and make no money on them anyway - In which case you are saving them all the hassle of looking up, ordering and paying for tires, unloading them from the truck, storing them till you come in etc., etc. and they are making their money off the fitting. Can't have it both ways!

BTW - I have pretty limited experience with this but have NEVER had anyone refuse to mount a tire for me. When I found myself caught wth a near-bald tire on a trip, I bought a tire from a big accessory shop in Denver that didn't do mounting. The independent place a mile up the road did it with a smile - they asked me if I'd take the wheel off as they were busy and it would let them serve me faster (I was going to do that anyway). Don't remember what they charged but it wasn't ridiculous.
Have a look around and see what the going rates are. Just punch in the zip for an area.
Mine was listing them for 110 to 140 per set. That's bullshit.
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