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I've actually noticed an interesting phenomenon. It seems that folks get into dual-sport adventure-touring from one of two directions. On the one hand, you have guys who have tons of off-road dirt experience, racing enduros and motocross, but maybe not so much experience camping in the back-country. Maybe they're getting a little older, and aren't so much into the competition aspect of off-road riding, but still trailer their dirt bike far and wide to ride trails. For them, a trip like the TAT is a way to ride dirt all day, every day for days on end. Period. The idea of sullying that experience with camping is just a bizarre concept. Actually, I think Sam himself is of this philosophy.

Then they're other folks, who have spent loads of time back-country camping, hiking, whatever, and have outdoor survival and wilderness skills, and also have some history riding motorcycles. Maybe they had a sport bike (or dirt bike) when they were younger, or have done some touring on a cruiser, or commute, or whatever. They look at dual-sport riding and adventure touring as a way to incorporate a motorcycle into their back-country trips -- as a tool to get them places to camp and explore and see and experience that they otherwise wouldn't be able to, even with an ATV (no range), or wouldn't be the same in a 4WD.

LDF & I are definitely coming from the latter perspective, but I totally get those for whom it's all about (and mostly only about) the riding. There's plenty of room for everyone out there (and here on ADV), though mixing the two mind-sets on a group trip might lead to misunderstandings, unrealistic expectations, and tears.
All my camping experience is in an RV.. but I'm looking forward to tents off a bike. I'm not former comp type off road racer either. I've ridden either cruisers or sport bikes nearly all my riding life. I always wanted a simple bike to explore with and finally got one. Once in dirt for the first time I was hooked. Always loved bikes, always loved travel- dual sporting is my ticket to both
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