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"I still don't see why they couldn't have kept it even simpler, and made it a SOHC with 2 valves per cylinder."

Just a guess here, but probably because of today's world wide emissions laws. A SOHC/2 valve engine of 1100ccs tuned for today's lean burn requirements couldn't produce enough HP to make the bike it is in, desirable to own. Honda hasn't built sohc engines in a loooong time, trough any of their divisions. To spend the money and time needed to redevelop a SOHC that met their needs would be cost prohibitive, considering it would be used in only one model of motorcycle.

Checking on cycle-ergos site, I found that the new 1100 has a tighter rider triangle for me than my XR does. Same HP, and similar tq specs. Same fuel tank size, and the XR shows better mpg numbers, I average 43mpg overall. I am hoping that the CB really rocks my riding world, but at this point don't see the improvements needed over my current XR to do so.
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