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Originally Posted by RedRocket View Post
"Dangerous" ABS.

It is now fairly well known that ABS is dangerous when you don't have much traction, the very situation it would seem to be the most beneficial in.

I found several Youtube videos of ABS bikes crashing when the wheel broke traction on wet or otherwise slippery surfaces. It may not allow the wheel to completely lock up, but it does come close enough to put you down if you have almost no traction at all. Many don't know this, and believe that in any situation, no matter what it is, ABS will prevent them from crashing. Even the front brake on my old '66 Triumph, which was almost impossible to lock up on the road, would send me sliding on a surface with very little traction.

Many people are willing to spend a fortune for ABS, because they somehow think it makes the bike crashproof. It doesn't, but even as long as it's been around, many still seem to think that way.
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