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Originally Posted by 1200gsceej View Post
You know, of course, that in the future when brain transplants have been perfected, men's brains will cost more than female brains.
The reason?
Female brains are used!
It has been several weeks since I last got myself into serious trouble here on the forum, and the strain of behaving somewhat decorously is taking its toll. The last vestige of self-control, which to now has prevented me from responding to these words, is gone, and respond I must. The statements I am about to post are no doubt comments which will ensure that neither fudge nor cheesecake will be menu choices for me in the foreseeable future. Every cloud has a silver lining, however, and being deprived of those two delights could make it easier to fit into my riding gear next spring.

Rather than take this thread farther afield than it has already strayed, a new one will be started, aptly entitled “Mindless Drivel”. This should serve to make nuttynu and HayDuchessLives feel right at home should they deign to post in it.
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