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Yes, but what about the cars, starting later on the same stage? Writing code to aggregate all positions of the bikes and making it into a GPS track and then streaming this to a small GPS/smartphone in a co-driver's hand is too easy.

I heard about some of the car teams in the Tuareg having an enormous amount of data at their disposal, who don't care about the rules at all. This would be a deal maker/breaker in the hands of the factory car teams.
Someone tapped into a feed from Tunisia perhaps that gave the iriTrack position in 30 second updates if I am not mistaken, incredibly accurate. As much as I would like it for tracking, every team that could afford it would have teams of virtual spotters telling of every bump, erg, dune, and men with mustaches. I would be great to see but vastly abused. The vagueness of the ASO system is completely intentional. They have the accuracy we want, I've seen it in screenshots and video, they just don't broadcast it.
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