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Weather in June

As usual lots of folks gearing up for the TAT this year.
I've seen some very good prep work going on.

One thing about going in June is-----chances are almost 100%------you will not get over some of the high passes-----not just in Colorado----but Oregon also.

There are 3 stories on my website of me riding the TAT----one long ago riding the Eastern TAT------2 last year riding newer routes in Mississippi and Teneesee.

But I think the most informative and entertaining one is when me and a buddy rode the Western TAT.

For you all planning I would read it------lot's of snow---lot's of by-passing.

The story is Here:

And for those asking when the snow will be off the passes--------I must repeat-----------nobody knows-----it is never the same. The weather man doesn't know------I don't know---people that have ridden may tell you ----but they really don't know----god doesn't even know-------only you will know when you get there.

Better chances of not getting stopped by snow after the middle of July---then again it can snow on those passes any time of the year.

We followed in this wall of snow for miles near California pass and finally had to turn back when we ran into the snow machine that was plowing the pass----as he wasn't quite finished yet. We were riding on wet ice we we finally had to turn back and I was afraid the water would re-freeze before we could re-treat and we'd be camping out here.

This was Indigo pass in Oregon-------it got much worse further up the trail and we had to retreat and go around the pass
which was almost a blessing-------as we got to see crater lake-----which by the way had just been plowed to the lake about 2 days before we got there.

And finally the Pacific ocean.

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