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G'day everybody, its been a while since i posted in here. haven't ridden the big girl in a while. fractured my right humurus (no, it wasn't) when i fell off the KTM back in september. anyway I'm back on now, the arm is not 100% but it will do.
I have a slightly dodgy starter motor. i pulled it apart to clean and inspect it and found two sections of the commutator smeared/shorted together. I fixed the commutator as best i could and gave it a good clean up. it works better now but won't spin fast enough to fire it up in the cold weather like you blokes on the other side of the planet have now. it starts easy here in 30 to 40 degree C temps we have at the moment
anyway i was wondering if this starter motor was used in any other applications? did a part no. search on google but have had no luck. it appears to be DR BIG only.
pn. 31100-44B00-H17
i am going to replace the brushes and increase the cable size and see if that helps. i have a new battery already.

any other ideas or assistance would be appreciated.

Rob, i will get those jets to you soon. sorry for the delay.
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