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Originally Posted by NicolasR View Post
Hi to all, and happy new year by the way!!!

I got back from a 3500 km trip on mi S10 trough Colombia. What a trip!!!
Last night I reviewed all the notes regarding fuel consumption and I averaged 77,2 Km per U.S gallon of fuel. Not bad at all. However, my doubt is the full range with a full-filled gas tank. I am asking because I always refueled the bike when the reserve indicator started blinking but it would only take 3,8 or 4 U.S gallons max. and that happened at the 320 kilometers-mark from full.
I checked and our S10 have a 6,08 U.S gal tank, which means that I could get around 450 km from a full tank.
Why the reserve comes at 320 around Km??
How long can you drive with the reserve??
According to my maths, the reserve is of about 2 U.S gallons. Is that correct??

The longest I have ridden my bike with the reserve on is for about 40 Km. I haven't tried to get more kms for not harming the fuel pump when going dry, but apparently I could get even more before that happens.

I see you are now talking about fuel quality. Well, I had to buy low octane fuel twice and it made the bike runs about 5 degrees hotter.

Your reserve is what your reserve is. Mine comes on at about 380Km (indicated) which means I have about 60-70Km to go before I hit the limit, again depending on how I am riding at the time, but I tend to ride a lot more gently when I am into the reserve. I also get a theoretical 450km and average about 4.5L/100km on the slab at legal speeds.

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