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Originally Posted by Dave in Wi View Post
In that thread JerryH points to they are talking about dual sport bikes (big ones) and I agree ABS is not desirable off road. Not too many people will be off-roading the CB1100.

Just as an aside I saw one of the folks also deleted his fuel injection. Must love to clean carbs. I hope to never clean one again. :-)

Not relevant to the CB1100, But I deleted the fuel injection, and all the electronics and emissions crap from my '93 Chevy truck. It had TBI injection. I ripped off all the electronics, including the ECU, removed the smog pump, and the catalytic converter, installed an aftermarket manifold and four barrel carb, and headers and a true dual exhaust. It was a little more involved than that, but not much. It now runs (and sounds) much better, and just makes me smile, knowing it is free of all that govt crap that it never needed in the first place. The simple fact that it now runs better than it did is absolute proof that none of that technology was necessary in the first place.

An 1100cc bike didn't used to be for a beginner, and you would think that anyone buying one would have some idea how to ride, but seeing as how many choose a GSXR1000 or a Hayabusa as their first bike kinda blows that idea away. Technology cannot compensate for stupid.

As far as the CB1100, It just might be a winner. Kawasaki tried to sell the W650 for $6500 13 years ago, and wondered why it didn't sell. An 1100cc bike that looks good for $9999 today seems like a much better deal. It is within my price range (but just barely) and my main bike, an 11 year old Vulcan 750 is about worn out. Ergonomics will determine whether I give the non ABS version of the CB1100 consideration or not. If it feels like a second gen EX500, I would not be able to ride it no matter how good it looks. That is what turned me off to the ZRX1200, a bike I otherwise loved. A chance to have the Eddie Lawson Replica I coveted so much 30 years ago, but can no longer ride.
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