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Originally Posted by bunghole View Post
I hate to be that guy, but talk to an attorney. It sounds like some people made some mistakes that either lead to your accident or exacerbated your injuries. It sounds negligent to let someone ride home in your condition. Although you may have insisted and don't remember. Either way, cover your bases and at least talk to someone. You don't want to have medical bills down the road due to someone else's actions or lack thereof.

Glad to hear you're relatively OK and I hope to be riding as long as you have.
Ah yes, the good 'ol American way, SUE SOMEBODY!
Shit, I mean, after all, it's ALWAYS someone else's fault! Right?
There must ALWAYS be someone to point the finger at.
I should talk to an attorney about my broken wrist. Maybe he can sue...........
KTM......... because they made the bike, which allowed me to buy it, which allowed me to crash it.
Enduro Engineering..........they made the bark-busters that my wrist got tangled up in. They must be held accountable for making such an obviously dangerous product. I'm sure I'm not the first person this has happened to...............................CLASS ACTION SUIT against Enduro Engineering!!!
State of NJ....... because they didn't put armed guards at every possible entryway into the woods, which gave me the opportunity to gain access to said woods, which then gave me the chance to crash.
Bridgestone......... well, they made the tires so they must be held accountable.
The entire Judicial system...............for not having incarcerated me years ago for prior bad acts against Mother Earth.

I crashed a beautiful '74 Ducati 750 Sport that I only had for 2 weeks, many years ago, on sand that the State Road Dept. put down on a Safety Kleen spill on a (are you ready) CIRCLE on the old Rt.23 here in NJ!!!!!!!! Could I have tried to sue "the state"(which we all know is just sueing our fellow residents of our state, since the state has no money of it's own), sure I could.
Did I? Nope. Even at the ripe old age of 18, I knew there were things that I could have done differently for a different outcome. I was just happy I didn't get run over! Believe it or not, 2 weeks later I got the bike back together, and going home from the shop I was rounding a blind turn on a 2 lane road and to my surprise there's a fucking DUMP TRUCK coming at me in my lane. Flip the bike from full lean right to full lean left to escape into the dirt on the other side, get into the dirt and promptly crash the poor thing AGAIN. At least the guy in the truck got out to see if he could help, I said, "I'm fine, just leave me alone". If I was a good American, I would have gotten the name of the company, plate number, drivers name, and sued everybody including the town for allowing a road to have such an inherently dangerous turn.

Chris "Sue 'em all" W.

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