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Yeah, after an hour with the Simple Green I gave up. Ten minutes with auto engine degreaser and I was nearly done.
Of course once I started cleaning I couldn't stop so I ended up pulling the shift forks and drum.

And of course once I cleaned all the sludge and residue I got to a better look at the bottom of the crankcase just below the counterbalance/webs.
Looks like grenade went off in there at some point...

Tonight I'll clean the top case and then dry assemble it. Then I'll see what I get for the bearing journal diameters.

I also did a little more research and found out that those little indentations aren't supposed to be in the journals. I assumed they were when I first pulled it apart, but in actuality the "pips" on the bearings are supposed to sit in the machined openings in the front where the cases meet. Thank god for the interwebs.

You know it's funny, but as you work on a bike this old you can't help but wonder about what kind of life it had. Everytime you take a part off and clean it and inspect it you learn a little more about it and the people who owned it. And in that respect this bike seems pretty unusual. Because it seems like most everything is in one of two conditions: either perfectly functional but with a a little bit of dirt and grime or completely beat to shit by abuse and lack of mechanical skills.

Truthfully if I didn't have such a soft-spot for these bikes, and if the rest of the bike was in the typical rusted-mess condition they are usually in, I'd have passed it on or parted it. Unfortunately(?) the more I dig in the more I'm enjoying it and I really want to see this looking good again.
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