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I ran UHD for a while after initial purchase of the bike, having run HD and UHD on dirt bikes for years.

There were no problems with the tubes failing, other than one time with lower pressure I spun the wheel in the tire and ripped the stem out. This wasn't the fault of the tube. I probably put ten or fifteen thousand miles on those tubes through several tires, primarily street miles with many gravel roads and a few trails.

When it came time to replace the UHD tubes I considered how I had a number of puncture flats with them over the course of time. Avoiding punctures and pinches was the primary reason for going with UHD in the first place. It didn't seem to be working out for me.

I weighed the added cost of UHD against running a regular tube and RideOn sealant, and decided to go with the sealant instead of UHD. It seems like I've had fewer flats running a regular tube with sealant. Certainly no more flats than with UHD. The additional costs and issues with UHD, to me, provide marginal, if any, advantage over regular or HD tubes on our big bikes.

Other advantages to running regular tubes with sealant include:
  • Less gyroscopic mass in the wheels make cornering transitions easier.
  • No worries about overheating tube or tire.
  • Less heat may increase tire life.
  • Tire/wheel balance is less problematic.
  • Carrying spare tubes is less bulky.
  • Fewer flats and punctures are sealed quickly.
  • Lower replacement costs.
  • Greater availability of regular or HD tube at dealers.
For me the promise of higher reliability with UHD wasn't worth the extra expense and drawbacks associated with these tubes. I think that on a full on light weight dirt bike, like those used by enduro and hare scrambles racers, the UHD will offer some protection against pinch flats when running low pressures. On our gargantuan beasts it is probably better just to run a little higher tire pressure, lighter tubes, and sealant.

For me it is an ongoing study.


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