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I posted this reply in the GL thread but was told the answers will be in this thread so thought I would transfer the post into this thread.
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Would like to hear about new design changes on the Coyote as I'm to buy another one. Do I buy the current model on sale or do I wait for the new model?

The above pic is not the Coyote but another bag GL is releasing. It makes it look like the zipper now wraps around the bottom of the bags and up the inside 6 inches or so. Also a possible sturdier grab handle on the very top of the bag. More importantly.......................... is there any improvement in waterproofing??? Looks like seams on the bottom of the pods, which makes me think its not a one piece design with a waterproof zipper like I was hoping. but what do I know. The increase in zipper length will offer easier packing but the last model was hardly inefficient in this area.

Lets see some more pics and puhleeeze some more info on the Coyote. Thank you.
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