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Originally Posted by zachb View Post
The riders here in Myanmar are all Jealous of what you guys were able to accomplish.
The police escort seems like a bitch to deal with but since you are able to ride in the forbidden zones of Bagan and Yangon, the escort is worth it. If you stay out of Bagan, NyaungShwe(inle), Yangon and ride a bike registered in Myanmar you can cover a lot of ground here by yourself without an escort.

Thankfully you don't need crisp new USD banknotes anymore. crappy Euro, USD and SGD are all exchangeable since October

Zachb, Thanks we have covered Pa'an and Kyaikhto We are now in Naypydaw. I have not had the time to do the reports as we have been arriving at our locations after 7 pm.

By the way we are not allowed to ride in Yangon. We have to load it onto a lorry and bring it in to the hotel and then bring it out again.

The people here are wonderful.
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