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Originally Posted by dirtdreamer50 View Post
"I still don't see why they couldn't have kept it even simpler, and made it a SOHC with 2 valves per cylinder."

Just a guess here, but probably because of today's world wide emissions laws. A SOHC/2 valve engine of 1100ccs tuned for today's lean burn requirements couldn't produce enough HP to make the bike it is in, desirable to own. Honda hasn't built sohc engines in a loooong time, trough any of their divisions. To spend the money and time needed to redevelop a SOHC that met their needs would be cost prohibitive, considering it would be used in only one model of motorcycle.

Checking on cycle-ergos site, I found that the new 1100 has a tighter rider triangle for me than my XR does. Same HP, and similar tq specs. Same fuel tank size, and the XR shows better mpg numbers, I average 43mpg overall. I am hoping that the CB really rocks my riding world, but at this point don't see the improvements needed over my current XR to do so.
Au contraire. The brand new NC700x is a single overhead cam. I didn't bother to look, but I bet Honda builds quite a few sohc's across all its divisions.

FWIW, Honda lists the fuel tank capacity as 3.9 us gallons and Harley lists the XR as 3.5 us gallons. Not a big difference, but not the same either.
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