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From Ask Woody About Your Wheels

Maybe balancing debate is like an oil thread.

Originally Posted by woody's wheel works View Post
here's my take on balancing after reading the comments in the above thread,,,,

FYI,,,last week i lurked and truth be told some of the arguments in behalf of ''NOT'' balancing that i read in the above thread......

So for all of you committed to unbalanced wheels ...keep on bouncing down the roadjust because YOU don't notice/feel it doesn't mean the rest of us can't see your wheels hopping all over the place....

Just because you can't feel it doesn't mean your suspension system isn't working overtime to accommodate the orbit your wheel is destined to spin in. It's not rocket science ,,just plain and simple physics.,,try holding a one pound bar of butter in one hand a five pound sack of potatoes in the other and hold your arms apart and start spinning,,,oooops there ya go... have to start with a true wheel..why??? because only a true wheel will give you a ghost of a chance to be balanced.....we can balance most anything ..just plaster weights on the wheel til it balances out no matter where you stop it in its orbit....

IF your balanced out of round wheel goes down the highway it will still hop...

IF your true wheel and tire are balanced without weights ,,you are lucky..then it will not bounce goin gdown the road

IF your true wheel and tire are not balanced due to rim locks or tire anomalies like a little extra rubber in the tire casing or your mag wheel having the casting off center then you will hop down the road

1.. check wheel for true if ok ,,go mount your tire,,, if not correct the problem BEFORE mounting a tire

2..check wheel for balance with tire mounted,,, if ok ,,hit the road ,,,if not add balance weights to correct the imbalance and enjoy a more balanced ride..if you don't ,,,,at least your suspension and tires will

did i say that right,,,i mean was it understandable???,,'cmon now it is 2010 folks,,,but what the hey,,if the Ludites still insist on candles and kerosene lantern,,the Menonites on riding around in horse drawn carriages why not have the nobalancites go hopping down the highway of life???,,,,i do keep re-minding my self that everywhere i look i see the face of god.

Here's a trick that will appeal to the forward thinking crowd....i used it on all my road-race and street machines....FYI almost all wheels have anomalies in them that do not make them perfectly balanced even when they run very true.
I often see alloy wheels that were grabbed off-center in the machining process. These drop like a stone wherever the heavy spot will any wheel show you its true heavy on to the fine points

1..take your wheel complete ie with brake discs and valve stem installed and put it on your balancer....
2..mark the heavy spot,,,this is your new TRUE reference point ,,it may or may not be by the valve stem
3..mount your tire with the weight dot of tire next to your TRUE reference point..Voila,,,a better balance with less/minimal rotating mass,,,every ounce counts

1...same as above BUT,,,this time mount your inner tube with retaining nuts snugged loosely and put just enough air in tube so that it sits snug on the rim,,, find and mark the TRUE heavy point.
3..continue mounting your tire and installing your new tire's light spot/dot next to your TRUE heavy point on wheel

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