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I get my tires done at DualSport Plus here in Stoney Creek Ontario Canada.

They don't have a problem with any tires - cost is I think $60 bucks a wheel if they have to take them off or $40 bucks if you bring in the rims. Most times he lets me remove my wheel from the bike in his parking lot and I get them changed and put the thing back on and go home. (don't quote me on that price but it is close...)

Most times you don't have to wait but they do make so little from a tire change and tires are a pain even with a machine - easy but time.... I do understand.

That price includes balancing.

Les (owner) does a good job pricing tires and knows he can't compete with the online companies so offers them up at the same or close to internet prices - he figures you will be in the shop anyway and as he can't make money on them he doesn't sweat it. Smiles and changes the tires. Its like a loss-leader for him.

I figure it is the same for most all shops but the difference here in Canada is we don't have the silly liability issues like you guys have in the US.

As your attorney, I advise you to buy a motorcycle. How else can we cover a thing like this righteously?
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