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First of the year update!
I got myself a practice aid:

I can't ride my YZ250F next to our shop on a daily basis (well I could, but I don't think I could have a nice track there. ) I can however rock out with a trials bike all I'd like. It'll be great cross training for myself, that's for sure. I even got some big rock to hop over, along with some large trees that will be added to the "test area". Should be good stuff.

I've also been on top of a exercise routine again (no, not any new years resolution). I'm looking at picking up a rowing machine to supplement some of the cardio workout. We've got an elliptical machine, but sweet word that thing is the most annoying machine on the planet. 5 Minutes on that and you wanna jump off a building. I hate it, my wife loves it. Then again, she loves running, I absolutely hate running.

I compiled a list of all the local events going on. D17 Harescrambles, Enduros, and Trials events along with the same in D16 (Wisconsin). Amusingly enough, more of the D16 events are within closer range to me than the D17 events. There are also really only 2 Enduros for D17, so I don't forsee myself attempting to win an overall for that. D17 has what seems like 30 Harescrambles from March-November. Very unlikely that I'd even make it to 1/3 of these, so I'm not sure what I'll be doing about going for an overall win there. The one more "local" place Fox Valley Off-Road has their own series within the D17 Series. That's 5 races, so maybe I'll try for an overall there?

I also found when going to register for D17, that the class I last competed in in Trials, has now gone from being Sportsmen to Expert. I find this mildly amusing, as I'd in no way shape or form see myself near expert status on a trials bike. I'm kind of tempted to see about going for an overall in the trials competitions, but might just do some events for the heck of it, and to see how well I'd do.

All that to say that I've honestly no idea if it even makes sense to attempt to go for an overall in any of these local events. There's too wide a variety of things I'd like to do this year (Harescramble, Trials, UP Trail rides, maybe an MX race??). Just one heck of a "problem" that I have so much fun doing basically whatever on a bike

I'm going to mull things over a bit here. I've got until March\April to really decide. Just attempting now to plan things so I can get as much riding in as possible (without pissing off the wife too much).

I'm also looking to decide between Michelin Bib Mousses for the 250F or Flat Tire Defenders ( Either way, I know I plan on NEVER having a flat tire this season (ok maybe one on the trials bike).

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