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Running out of gas on an S10. I managed to pull that trick about a week ago. I made it 240 miles or 386 km. I was on reserve for approximately 50 miles or about 80 km. I routinely get about 42 to 44 mpg. I figure, unless I'm really pushing it, to have at least 40 miles once I hit reserve. When I fill up, just after it hits reserve, I'm usually putting in about 4.5 US gallons.

I did that, too, about a week ago. I don't know how far I pushed it (forgot to measure the distance, the last coupla' days). I'm guessing it was about a mile and a quarter. My eyes told me that the bike was rolling. But, my cardio-vascular system told me I was carrying the moth--fuc---.

However, to the big dude in the white Dodge truck...Thank You. I would've had a heart attack if you hadn't have helped me that last 1/4 mile. I didn't know it was possible to sweat so much, in 30* weather. Apparently, it is...

Now, can someone please tell me how to get that stupid, little piece of aluminum outta' my filler neck?!?!

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