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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
Running the 908 rear with UHDs would get VERY hot on tarmac.
I've had it melt two patches on a multi-flat ride where I was forced to use patches.
I'd get 50-100 miles and patch would leak & peel off from the heat.
Tire was barely touchable
I just run Metzler or Bridgstone standard tubes after that loooong weekend.
I had a similar problem with patches failing. For me it turned out it wasn't heat, but old patches. It seems they have a shelf life of about a year, after which they won't chemically bond properly.

After losing three consecutive patches I did some research and learned that fresh patches work best and become less effective over time. I bought new patches and cement and it worked the first time and has been holding for months now.

If your patches are over a year or two past manufacture, including time in distribution, sitting on the shelf at the store, and in your repair kit, it is probably time to replace them.

Could be that riding on low air pressure leaking from a poor bond led to the heat you noticed.

Something to consider.

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