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Oh man, the first picture of the Panigale's tail against the landscape with the sun setting... so much beauty in one picture. And do I spot a dust trail in the distance?

I love how you take your - let's be honest - very expensive motorcycle "out in the wild" and have fun on dirt roads, while many bike owners really baby their bike and whine about the slightest scratch. What you are doing seems to be the right thing to do in areas like the DV or the Southwest in general!

As always, looking forward to seeing more pictures, and keep the (really really shiny how do you do that) side up!
Getting up that thing was the easy part. Getting down was the precarious part. The earth just crumbled away and I kind of slid off the side near the bottom (the top was unpassable). No risk, no reward! And yep--that was a dust trail alright. An SUV followed me onto the trail and passed when I pulled over for pics. The looks on their faces when they went by was priceless. It's a one-way road, so there's no safe way to turn back once you're on it.

Any new bike brings out a little OCD in its owner. And the more beautiful it is the more intense the obsessiveness (hence the reason why Ducati owners tend to end up more meticulous). I've battled OCD before, so the 1199's beauty was no match. In the end, I'd rather reflect on all the experiences I had on a motorbike than reflect on my reflection off a side panel!

Other than hosing her off with a high pressure hose at random self-car-wash stations, detailing (with the exception of Dr. J's garage) involves a squeegee and blue paper towels at the gas station.
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