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Originally Posted by rectangular View Post
Added to my to-do list! I did notice that some of the wiring seems like it's a bit more feeble from the factory than I would have liked. Some of it looks almost smaller than 22 gauge

Good advice! I'll be sure to check those out. I briefly tried looking for some oil galleys that would transport oil to that side of the cams. I didn't immediately see any. Are there any that I should look for that could be plugged?

Haven't ever heard of wiring issues on the 2007 and older KLR's, I wouldn't waste any time on that.

Been awhile since I've had one apart, but memory says that the oil comes up to the left side of the cams and then is supposed to spray/migrate to your damaged bearings...that's why it's so important to clean out the screen and keep the thing full to the top with oil, it's a poor design for oiling.
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