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Originally Posted by Beater View Post
Did you custom make that front wheel ... or did it come on an ST? Or is it a European thing? Last time I tried a spoked front with a Brembo front end, the spokes interferred with the brakes ...

I am no expert but that looks like a whole K-bike front end. I was going to go this route in order to switch my snowflakes for spokes but then I found out is very familiar with converting brembo/snowflake-model airheads to spoked wheels. Since those R80ST spoke wheels are almost impossible to find, I think the 2 solutions to choose from are finding a K-bike front end or calling up Chris from Boxer Metal. I didn't want to swap out brakes and master cylinders so I stuck with my stock fork and went with the Boxer Metal solution which is basically mixing and matching older stock parts and using some spacers that he fabricates. Building new spoke wheels is pretty $$$ though.

Back to this bike in the photo- what a nice tastefully done build! I love the seat and custom seat frame now welded to the main frame.
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