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Originally Posted by AntonLargiader View Post
In my experience, the GS is not a very good performer in this way and has less trail than any similar bike that I have noted. Your basic KTM or HP2 has 20+ mm more trail, meaning that when your front wheel bounces off that rock you get that much less leverage fighting your handlebar. BTDT; the Airhead GS is a real workout in rocks. It's 25 year old geometry based on 40 year old street bikes.
I have to admit that on the dirt I find the handlebars on the GS can be twitchy and when associated with road-stiff suspension a couple of times were almost torn out of my hands.

Is this down to geometry or the fact that I ride the GS slower than my EXC and therefore lack the directional momentum when say going through mud.

Would a steering damper help?
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