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F800GS Alternative Headlight Units

I was wondering if someone could summarise which aftermarket fairings that have headlights in are available for the F800GS? We have pretty stringent (compared to the US) restrictions that require an annual inspection and headlight scraped through last year. Since then, it has deteriorated further (condensation regularly forms on the inside, the reflective material has flaked away in places, misting of the exterior lense has gotten worse) and I suspect it would now fail. So now seems a good time to look into it.

For clarification, I'm talking about replacing the actual bug-eyed thing the reflector/headlights fit into. So, I'm talking more MST Rallycomp, as opposed to the TT Desierto/Britannia Composites "screens"

I currently have HID (both high and low beam) H4 bulbs in my standard headlight unit and ideally would like to keep these and use them to replace whatever comes in the fairings, rather than take a downgrade in the quality of my lighting.

I'd prefer something designed for the F800GS, but I have a dremmel, so I'd also be interested in seeing/hearing about any types others have successfully fitted, even if they were for another bike.

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