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Originally Posted by jaycommando View Post
some lads have been reporting a burning or smoking of the silver surface inside the headlamp with the use of HIDs.
I never noticed this until today. I have run my HIDs for just over 3 years/just under 50K miles now. Mine were fine the first couple of years. Had some light "misting" on the glass of the headlight about a year back which looks like it's on the outer surface as much as the inside. This didn't appreciably affect the light's performance and it was still light years ahead of stock.
I used to ride predominantly at night on empty(ish) roads, so had full beams on a lot of the time.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed condensation on the inside of the high beam lense for the first time. Could be the weather we're having here, but I've never had it in winter before, even in snow. This evening I was checking my bike over in prep for a rally and looking at the high beam again, I noticed the reflector (silver surface) inside the head light unit of the main beam appeared to have flaked off in places, showing black plastic behind. It's not that well illuminated in the garage, so I'll take a closer look outside tomorrow, but it looked pretty bad.
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