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Originally Posted by Rapid Dog View Post

I'm getting an R12R next week, bone stock.
Previously had an R1200RT that had a pipe and K&N airfilter on it, and I installed an ACCELERATOR Module from the guy in Europe with good results.
I reckon your unit works along the same lines as the Booster Plug and the rest. That about right?

Anyhow, I may want to throw one on the R when I get it next week.
Sorry, didn't have time to read the whole 3220 posts in this thread.
Maybe you can give me the short version....
Sure thing RD. Here's the short version. (And thanks for putting the private message question in the forum.)

Yes the IICE Air works along the same lines as the products mentioned. One product has a different sensor location. Sensor placement does not change the performance, though many people maintain the intuition that it does. Sensor location has gone through many instrumented tests, and every sensor location on the bike performs in the same way. Science trumps intuition.

As you can imagine, the Air could have been built with a sensor out at the end of a cable. But other than being a gimmick, and catering to what people think is true, there was no point in it. Integrity trumps Marketing. (sorry JJ ) The sensor location doesn't hurt anything, it doesn't change anything either.

However there is one difference. The Air is adjustable so that it will work with upcoming product. Links to much more data, including sensor location, are listed in the first post of the GSpot thread. Link:

You should be aware that these are not an 'inventory item'. Advance orders are placed, then I build them. This device turned out to be more popular than we ever imagined. And at this point the in-my-spare-time 'community project' is more than a little behind.

So, if you think you might want the future products, and are ok to wait a while as I catch up (and I am catching up), press the add-to-cart button!

p.s.: I love the R model, always have.


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