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Originally Posted by Marki_GSA View Post
Yes I agree it is mostly by adding fuel. The downside of the wide band route is that it doesn't really have much affect outside closed loop simply because the ecu doesn't look at them. Maybe not a problem for yourself and a lot of other riders especially on a big GS that isn't exactly a race bike. For some users though the retune is better if they are on the WOT a lot, generally driving hard. It's all preference and many will scoff saying it's not needed and a waste of time and money, others will see it as life saving and worth every penny/cent.
I agree totally, this is really great to understand but it has all been gone over before in much more detail by much smarter blokes than me.

What I am saying I guess in a very verbose way is that the addition of an aftermarket air filter or pipe will retune a bike (for sure) but the bike ECU will retune it back and will change the mixture of the bike back to the prescribed parameters - as that is what the bike is constantly trying to do based on load, throttle, and sensors. Now if the bike is capable or not... I think so - some think not.

Everything that we have been talking about has been covered in minute detail here.

And if you are interested in the ECU reprogram (which will give you huge HP gains and other changes and combined with an exhaust and filter...) info can be found here.

One must either trick the bike or change the mapping. At least thats what I believe. And I am done here... no more room in my brain for anything but this.

As your attorney, I advise you to buy a motorcycle. How else can we cover a thing like this righteously?
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