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Thanks for posting the rules changes in a neat and tidy format!

I have a feeling the FIA will be chasing shadows when it comes to moveable body parts. I think the technology will stay ahead of their testing at least for this season, perhaps longer. I keep wondering whether the concept of flexible panels will be extended to more body parts, perhaps even the entire chassis in some manner?

Helmut Marko reinforces his position as a relentless ashhole.

After Alonso delivers what is generally regarded as a peerless season, Marko criticizes him for allegedly being distracted. Worse, much worse, Marko take a gratuitous shot at Mark Webber, labeling him a choker. Way to work for the entire team, Helmut! And of course there's his obligatory wank over Vettel, who must have a spooge rag ready when Marko's around. I wonder if he flinches when it lands on him?

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