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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
And, on cue, Cyril in his own words

There was a really steep downhill section on the dunes today lasting for about 4km that was an impressive section to race. The technique for that was to try my best to stay on my bike and not to flip over the handlebars. The sand was soft so I reduced my speed to about 15km/h to make sure there were no accidents.

The way the race is going so far Iím sure the guys who are winning the stages are surprised by their results. During the stage nobody has any idea of the kind of times the other bikers have so they seem to just be going as fast as they can.

The way some of the guys have been riding in these early stages is not so easy to understand. They are pushing so hard and forcing the engine on day four of the race just to try and have one good stage. Dakar is long and I have always found it better to save something for the very end.

I have been avoiding the dust so far in this race so I think that my engine must be in a better condition than the other guys who are rushing on each stage. The reason I can avoid the dust is because Iím usually in front and opening the track. This is good for my air filters and engine.

I donít push too much because when you increase the speed the navigation becomes a lot more difficult. Also it protects my engine so I guess my mechanic will be happy again tonight.

The only problems Iíve been having out on the stage are the other bikes riding so close to me. The desert is huge but the others like to stay very close to me. Maybe they think a magician will come and teleport me to the end of the stage but thatís not my secret. The truth is Iím just trying to be as sensible as I can with my riding to protect my bike and my chances of winning this race.

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