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/6 turn indicator on dim all the time? what the heck? help please!

So I fired up the old slash 6 today.
The turn signal indicator light is stuck on dim with the turn signal switch in the off position. Neither left nor right.

I do know the with a burned bulb, it won't flash but stays steady when you select the burned out side.

But this is different. Its on dim with only the key on. Then flashes bright normally with the selection of a turn.

Has anyone seen this happen?
Help will be greatly appreciated.
Battery is in good condition, and its charging fine and the gen light is extinguishing with revs, and illuminating upon key on selection.

Help please! Could a back light have instrument light slipped loose or something?
It did seem like the instrument light comes on in The parking position and in The headlight position. my turn indicator stays on dim in Every position. Instrument light is off I. The day position though, so it couldn't be that bulb....hmmmm
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