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My dealer in TX is offering to install the Baja Designs kit and sell a 2013 WR450F with an original Texas STREET title. $9,800 out the door.

I don't know whether to do this or get the 690 Enduro R, or 500EXC. I'm going to buy before next month.

If I do go with the WR450F, what gearing would ya'll recommend? I don't anticipate spending more than an hour on the interstate at a time. Mostly city streets, back roads, dirt roads, and single track.

I wish the 450 was a 6 speed.

Oh, and how much does the Baja kit weigh?

And what DOT tires would ya'll recommend?

Also, the dealer told me the service intervals on the 450 would be similar to the 250 if I rode it as a dual sport, is he on crack?

Thanks in advance,

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