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The problem with exploring Florida

Now you know why Florida is so difficult on secondary roads. I lived in that part of the World for 10 years, Eglin/Fort Walton Area, and also Panama City (for the past year PC) Bought a KLR650, put 8000 miles on it last year. The sand is killer bad, and if you get off the main roads on the Eglin Reservation, like the power lines for instance, you will be sorry. In October rode out there with a buddy from Pensacola, and if it were not for having an aggressive rear tire, I would have gone nowhere fast. Miss riding year round, hey I wrecked the KLR the other day due to ice You can ride year round here in CO) if the roads are dry. I have ridden every month of the year here in the past. The same day we did Eglin, we also went up to Blackwater, that was a lot less nasty sand traps, but still too many for my taste. The only solution is to get a really light motorcycle that you can throw around with hardly any effort. Have fun down there!

Although I like Colorado more than Florida for riding, I would take the Panhandle over Chicago any day!
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