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Just found your thread and caught up ...

Our teacher back at the academy used to say our discipline was more demanding than that of engineers and physicians. And that we ought to be paid as much as a neurosurgeon.
We thought her to be very funny.
And when she retired we threw a big party and many tears, for we felt deserted on one hand and thrilled on the other for having had a real teacher. The one that can kickstart your engine, even do a rebuild.

Over the years I learned that she was right.
I learned also this that the only sacrifice one will regret is the one one didn't make.

You expressed doubt about combining high level performing with hard core motoring.
How would you rate introducing a segment of society with something so strange and elusive as music and finding out you made a following?

Just to say, you did good.
Moriunt omnes pauci vivunt
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