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Martin, looks like engine mounting point, not an issue. Mount up the motor and run it through its paces and then check for leaks. On the rear wheel- go with the 94 or whatever you can find to get a disk mounted. Adding the 30+ pounds to the weight for auxiliary fuel tanks, the stock drum will wear out real fast at race speeds. I raced a 91 factory prepped HRC 626 for a few years and went through rear brakes often, sometimes on only a 250 mile race. Have you looked into the removable sub frame option yet? Copy a CR 250/450 design. Find diagram on the web. Add sleeves at mount points and gussets with holes drilled at all weld points. I will look for pics of my old girl to show you.

Coil- double it up with two units.
Ignition- update to XRL 650
Clutch- heavier springs and plates.
Oil cooler- use XR 400 unit, mount 2 up one on top of the other- cool oil,is your best friend.
Frame- gusset the rear mounts where connected at swing arm- just peace of mind- poor welds here.
Wheels- heavy duty spokes, especially on much heavier rear. Stockers will snap on a square edge high speed bump.

More if my feeble mind can recall what my team did back in 91-2.

Keep the posts coming. - Jerry
Hi Jerry. U are my guide now,thank U!
Double coil with 2 units?Well i get confused on that as we have one cylinder only so one unit for one spark, is the 2nd as a emergency one?(sorry for that dummy question but i just confused:)
Oil cooler-i will use mark set, looks great. I could not buy xr 400 anymore in Europe , only in very bad shape.
Frame-every day im closer to buy that last new frame from the Honda dealer and design new subframe for it.
Havy duty spokes, domu know the place i could ordered it online?
Best regards
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