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fwiw I have the "silver star" H7 replacement bulbs....not the Osram....but similar idea conventional Halogen bulb designed for a bit higher color temp but the same 55w. these are noticably better, brighter than the stock bulbs. and they do match the stock head light/reflector design and laws. I'm happy with I'm way to cheap to do a real HID conversion.

In the past a used (on other bikes/cars) several of the "100w" bulbs with marginal improvement. These bulbs did not come from the framiliar names like Phillips etc. the light was a bit brighter but not twice as bright and the bulb did run hotter and I had some plastic deformation in one case. I think the extra watts went more to heat than sloppy design.

I'm waiting for the LED solution...but that too, like the HID article above said, will require a whole lens/reflector redesigned head light to be effective
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