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01/05/1013 Errands

We originally agreed that Acapulco was not going to be a part of our itinerary for several reasons which included (but were not limited to) its gaudiness, potential danger (or so we heard) and general touristy unpleasantness. But our plan changed when Randy's computer ceased functioning. What would normally be a hit against the city was actually a blessing: Acapulco had a Costco (of which Randy was a member and to which Randy could return items if need be). So we rolled into Acapulco looking for the Costco so Randy could purchase a replacement laptop.

Just riding along...

Daily bike shot.

Entering Acapulco.

It was actually not as bad as I imagined, but worst than I would have liked it to be. The traffic was terrible, the heat was overwhelming and the whole mission was a general failure. After riding around the city for a bit we finally stopped at McD's to use the internet to find the Costco (it's right on the main road south of town).

Searching Acapulco.

We found the place and Randy bought a new laptop and then we went to another McDs to use the internet some more and set up the new computer. One thing we did not notice at Costco is that the laptops all have Spanish keyboards. Try as we might, we could not get the “@” symbol to work (I even looked it up online and still nothing [yes, we tried every combination of ALT, CTRL and FN we could think of]). So Randy went back to return the computer while I posted an earlier ride report entry.

Acapulco Bay.

After the failed mission we headed back out hoping to put some miles between us and Acapulco before it got dark. The road back to Rt. 200 was only a few hundred meters, but cost us a toll of 28 pesos. After the toll booth it was all narrow road and topes again. What exactly did we pay for?

We got as far as San Marcos and found a nice little motel with internet for a very good price. While unpacking, Randy looked out the front entrance and sitting on the side of the road looking at Randy's bike was Dylan.S (on adv) whose riding around the world on a 1150GS (he has a great ride report going). We had dinner and beers and he decided to press on through the night (unwise as we see in his report) while we stayed behind. Great to meet you Dylan!
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