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As to when
Originally Posted by Poolside View Post

JJ (aka inmate johnjen) heads up the Marketing division of this out-of-control community project. I thought he might answer the 'when can we have it?' question. It seems more natural that way.

Seriously though, I was shooting for shipping everything by the end of December. The economy is picking up and I've been bidding engineering jobs, which is a priority of course. I'll be back at the bench Friday, and over the weekend.
Yeah you can call me Mr. Natural Marketing GENIUS.

As to when well, the stock Marketing answer has and will remain YES!

And since they (the rest of this "out-of-control community project") have taken away all of the sharp objects within reach not to mention any knowledge of what is REALLY going on in terms of production, the best short answer I can provide is 'soon'.

A longer answer is I can only guess. These are labor intensive devices and Poolside spends most of his free time making up batches of 30 of them at a time, so it will be at least a month.

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