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Sorry for the delay in the after action write up....I had been waiting till I got my Go-pro footage edited so I could include it, but apparently my ancient computer can't handle the processing of the edits...

A bit of background to help you understand how I ride and where I'm coming from...
I'm a trail rider and Adventure rider. The group I usually ride with "The Southern Maryland Adventure Riders" is a good group of riders who ride everything from local single track to cross country adventures like the Continental Divide. Hare Scramble racing is a new activity for us....

So starting with the general overview..
Going into the event was pretty confusing...having ridden in other organized events (not group racing) I was expecting some sort of riders meeting before lining up for the start...nope, a briefing was provided once everyone was on the start line (being about 4 rows back I didn't hear much).

While waiting for the start, I double checked to make sure the fuel was on...and waited. I wasn't wound up and was actually kinda relaxed...I just wanted to start riding.
It was a cold start for each class...kinda neat how it seemed everyone with a two stoke was twitching their wrist up until that point was to start...then it got quiet....then this explosion of motors and bikes and the A,B, and C classes were was the 40+ groups turn to run for the first turn.

Though I starred the bike quickly, I let the guys around me move out first...and we were off...I accomplished at least one part of my goal....I was in the race

I had no issues with the first portion of the track. As you've likely seen from the videos the others have posted we started on the back portion of their MX track. I'm not a jumper, never have been, so I stayed over to the side of the hills and jumps. I kept my eyes up and tried to read the best line available...By the time we entered the first wooded section, I had passed (by my guess) about 10 riders...all by not following the crowd into the deep ruts and by avoiding fallen riders. Of course I got passed by at least that many, so I stopped counting

I tried to stay as far to side of the trail as best I could. If I heard someone behind me I moved over at the first available location. When I came up to choke points, where it seemed everyone was trying to squeeze in, I stopped short off to the side and let the others fight it out. When it was clear I pressed on. One of the things that I was noticing was that I may not have been as fast as the other riders on the open smooth trail portions, I was passing lots of riders on the technical sections like hill climbs and water crossings. Still not passing enough people to consider me a racer yet

At one particular choke point the trail weaved through some pretty big brambles and exited with a rutted hill climb. I got through, but followed a few riders past the turn. We were boxed in by a good size log at the top of the hill that a few bikes were attempting to get over and another log the ran down the hill between us and the trail. With the back log of riders squeezing through the choke point, going back down wasn't an option...going up was also crowded, so I went with the lets go over the log at the side. Well, I got the front over, but when I tried to slingshot the rest over I kept digging in the rear tire. The hell with it...I got off the bike, laid it down, and dragged it over....great idea but way too much energy.

There were a couple times I had to tuck and roll then go back and pick the bike back up...but nothing major.

After something a bit longer then 2 hours of riding I had finished four laps of the 7 mile track...
Overall I placed 166th of 212 riders and 29th of 39 riders in the Senior class.

So all goals were met...I started, I stayed on the track the entire race and finished to a checkered flag, I don't think anyone thought I was a screw up who had no place on the track, and I help a couple riders keep riding...

and met a few more ADV riders whom I got to meet and have already found this thread.

No complaints....
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