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A couple more.

Headlight protector, home made.

Why you need one!

Tape on a piece of clear plastic and trace the shape of the headlight. Notice I have it even with the support bar.

Trim it to size, then use it to trace it on a piece of Lexan, or similar. Make sure you leave the protective wrap on it.

Trim it out. I used a Dremmel with a stone wheel designed as a cut off wheel for metal. It made a clean easy cut, and left only melt behind That was easily cleaned off by hand.

Still with the protective plastic cover on, I sanded the edge with 400, then 600. If you want it clear, keep going to 2000 grit then polish. I like the opaque edge as it helps not to transmit light and reflection to the windshield.

Drill the holes to match up to the Adel clamp height. Use a soft plastic/rubber backing so you can drill through without cracking the plastic.

Bolted on.

Side view.

Flipped down to clean the headlight.


Cost, free to me since I had everything, but about $10 in parts.

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