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Originally Posted by Lion BR View Post
The same way that a car's "counter steering" (as in drifting, for example) or a throttle steer for a motorcycle, where the front wheel(s) is(are) pointed outward to the curve,
The front wheel(s) is not pointed outward to the curve!!!! Its still following the exact line of travel!!! The frame itself is whats pointing toward the outside of the curve and rotates around the steering stem in this case.

The only possible way for the front tire to not be following the line of travel is if it were sliding or off the ground.

Camber thrust does have an effect on how far the handlebars are actually turned to make a given corner. However, its not a significant effect compared to the front wheel's direction deciding the radius of the turn. You could have a motorcycle with razor blades for tires (so no camber thrust what so ever) and it would corner just fine if not better than a rounded motorcycle tire. I'm pretty sure I remember reading something from a Moto GP mechanic about having razor sharp tires would be optimum for cornering. Of course they could never make a rubber tire handle that sort of load on a razor sharp point.
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