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Here's my list:
  • Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 tent - A two-man (not really - more like one man and his gear) super-light tent - packs super small, but a big guy and his soaking wet motorcycle gear may not be a pretty picture. For motorcycle touring, I think I would prefer the SL3 3-man tent which is new this year - I used this tent last summer through some nasty rain storms and it's rock solid I will be getting the footprint this year to go under the tent
  • Exped DownMat 9 (long and wide) - this puppy is more comfortable than the mattress in my bedroom. Will use my Cycle Pump to inflate.
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op sleeping bag - I think it's a synthetic 3-season
  • Marino wool Icebreaker undergarments - As mdfehrmann said, this stuff is the real deal. One set will do you your commute up, the four day rally, and the return trip. It's no cheap, but it's not made in China either.
  • Pack clothing based on the weather - if rain is in the forecast, I'll be packing extra to ensure I have dry clothing. If no rain, I will reusing clothing.
  • Toiletries and possibly small towel in event the campsites have showers
  • My CPAP machine
  • Small first aid kit (not suitable for surgeries)
  • Tire repair kit
  • Crappy, disposable shoes and possibly a collapsible chair
All of the above will be packed in two Wolfman bags saddle bags and perhaps a Wolfman duffel bag, along with whatever dry food I bring. My toolkit stays under the seat, although I might wrap it in a plastic bag to ensure it's dry.

Food: I'm local, so I'm planning for four dinners (Thursday-Sunday) and three breakfasts and lunches)

  • I haven't thought to much about food this far in advance, but I plan to make it simple. I will most likely plan for dinners in restaurants or take out to the campsite. Breakfast will likely be a combination of restaurants or whatever I can pick up at the closest stop. Lunches will be granola bars, beef jerky, nut mixes, with whatever fruit I can pick up at breakfast. Homemade beef jerky will be a staple. I'm not that experienced an outdoor cook that I can fire up a stove, cook a meal, and clean up in under an hour. that's valuable beer drinking and socializing time.
  • Four a four day trip in which I want to pack light (I ride a R1200GS), I don't see the point in bringing a stove and cookware for a few meals.
I believe Ted stated somewhere that he was going to make sure there would be sufficient gas stops for those running the 250 dirt bikes with 2 gallon gas tanks, so leave the Roto's at home.
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