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Originally Posted by gagnaou View Post
Nate, here is my take on it, I remember when the first Dakar started the french press was all over it, even magazines that were not related to motorized sport were talking about the Dakar, because it was the dream, they were getting people hooked to the human challenge, the adventure in the unknown outside of our societies where risk has for the most part been taken away. Plus kind of like the Tour de France, the Dakar caravane was crossing France, I remembered spending hours on the side of the road watching those vehicles go by, something that no very many of us experience anymore.

Obviously pretty soon, the TVs went in and it expanded from there, I seem to remember that in the early 90's during the Peugeot an Citroen era La 5 had more than 5 hours daily related to the Dakar. That was awesome, but it was probably too much as they did not maintained it. Then France television picked it up, France 2, France 3 and France 4. From there it seems that the coverage has been about constant. Somebody commented earlier that in Africa there was not as good TV coverage, from a french viewer stand point I do not think it was true, this year coverage by France 4 based on the available technology is no different in my opinion to what we were seeing in Africa. Something that they try to do is to present the Dakar under all its various aspects, the race with the leaders, the country and the landscape visited and then the human adventure (the guys that are in the back that are struggling to make it through the stages, etc...)

Obviously here (in the US) TV coverage of the Dakar is mainly inexistant and that has been hard to follow. Myway made my year this year by figuring out a way to get the french broadcast here. In the past I was messing with VPN from France to access that coverage but it was cumbersome and never worked really well. I actually the last few years planned my yearly trip around the Dakar so that I could get the good coverage while over there ;-)
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