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I had a plated 2006 WR450. It was a good bike for 20 street and 80 dirt. It had some vibs at hwy speed. Not saying the new WR will have vibs.

I have also owned two 500 ktms and they are 25 street and 75 dirt. I really like the 6 spd so you can have a low first and a tall sixth.

I have also owned 5 Berg 570 and they are only 30 street and 70 dirt. Lots of tq so you can gear it a little taller.

I now own a Berg 350 and its plated. It is 20 street and 80 dirt. Its a little revy at hwy speed.

Tomorrow I pick up a 09 KTM 690. Im hoping for 40 street and 60 dirt.

This is just my opinion on how the bikes felt to me. So If you like the WR better than the KTM get it. You pobably wont notice enough gains with the KTM to sway your choice in the long run. Plus Yamahas are bullet proof for me.

Plus the TX street title will keep the resale of your bike high for the future.
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