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Originally Posted by Wirespokes View Post
Set the idle where it feels right - a nice steady thump thump thump. Don't worry about where the charge light goes out - but I would say that if the light is out while idling, it's too high.
If you get all the wiring and terms clean and tight. It makes a significant difference in efficientcy of the charging system. The later Airheads have an auxilliary grounding harness. Got to go in and clean those terms up as well. If you have an earlier machine, do add that aux grounding. You will instantly pick up a half a volt on an otherwise good looking system 3 decades old or more.

I set idle at 1100 and never see the gen light. But a glow at idle is not bad, it is just fine. Just saying you can do better by reducing resistance with a few refinements and maintenace to keep the electrons flowing free.
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