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I ride solo 20 or so times for every time I ride with someone else. My riding buddy is made of sugar so nothing there until it's 60 or so and dry.

I like the wet roads, paved or not. Just not in heavy rain as my pants leak like a sieve.

It's kinda dodgy in the winter riding alone with the cold and dark coming so early in the day. A breakdown or a getoff could get interesting.

Problem is my schedule doesent allow any ride planning. It's short notice and I go for a ride the next day. I'll try to get a ride in soon as it's been a cople weeks. I'll post it up, and if there's any takers great. If not, oh well.

I usually just figure everyone needs a day or two notice, so I don't even bother posting anything. I'm sure that might be the deal here with others. I'm game for a ride if I'm not working, so post up if you want company. I only need a couple hours notice at times, so if you wake up and want to ride, throw it up here and see if you get any bites!
Obviously the night before would be best as far as getting any takers.

Have a good ride tomorrow guys!
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