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Originally Posted by BrerRabbit View Post
I've got some time and an itch, so I am headed to Indonesia looking to start a slow ride North to South. I like the idea of buying a bike and selling it at the end of the adventure.

Can you help me with some questions?

If I plan to start in Medan, would I be able to find panniers there? Or am I better to start somewhere else where I can find equipment? I will be in Kuala Lumpur just before heading to Sumatra.

Given reasonable wear and tear over a month on the small roads, how much will the bike price drop? How long might it take to sell the bike? (generally, 5% or 50%? - 2 days or 2 weeks?)

Any tips or tagalongs?
Depends on what u looking for, you can find a bike or scooter for sale in any big city in Indonesia. So, yes it is possible to find it in Medan, but of course if you can over come the language barrier.
Please be careful with documents of the bike, there are 2 of them, BPKB a book of ownership. You don't have to change the name in the book, because you will sell it anyway. The 2nd is STNK. A smaller version of BPKB and a prove of tax payment every year. So if you want to be save, you should check the expiring date of the tax.
Selling the bike would be a bit of problem for you, because you're a foreigner and you are selling the bike outside its home town. You might not sold the bike in the price range you would like, but if you're lucky you might find some tourist going the other way around. If you visit jakarta, contact me for free drinks and couch. :cheers
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