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Originally Posted by Beezer View Post
P.S. see the Allen head screws on the intake rubber above.... do that. the Phillips head originals are impossible to remove on the bike. if you need to take off the carb its a LOT easier to take out the 2 Allens and pull the carb and the manifold together

P.P.S. do NOT use Comtec gaskets... some of them leak. use the Kawasaki head and base gaskets... they work
Thanks for all the good advice! I'm well used to switching phillips with allen bolts. I have a 1975 Kawasaki KZ400 that I'm rebuilding from the ground up as well. Phillips heads everywhere! Drives me insane!

Good call on the OEM gaskets. The same case is often true with OEM Subaru head gaskets even in some performance applications. I'll add it to my list when I swing by the Kawasaki dealership this weekend.

Just finished working on the bike for the night. Finishing up the write up as we speak!

Thanks for all the encouragement and suggestions everyone!
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